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USP Zdrowie SP. Z O.O.

USP Zdrowie Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company that has been a trend setter on the OTC medicine market for over 20 years. USP Zdrowie was founded in the United States as US Pharmacia, and today is a group of companies operating in the field of health care. Today, USP is the number one company in the OTC sector of the Polish pharmaceutical market.

It employs about 700 people. Its offices are located in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and the United States. The company has its own laboratory and research & development department. Its production facility in Wrocław, Poland (known as US Pharmacia) provides an average of more than 140 million individual packages a year.

The headquarters is located in Warsaw (Poland). USP Zdrowie is represented by such leading brands as Ibuprom, APAP, Gripex, Stoperan, Vigor, Verdin, Xenna, and many more. The company’s portfolio covers of over 100 products that have gained the trust of consumers and pharmacists.


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