PPW ARAJ Sp. z o.o.: SAP system implementation

According to the agreement, SI-Consulting S.A. will carry out an implementation for the benefit of PPW ARAJ Sp. z o.o.

Currently, our Consultants are involved in the first stage project which focuses on supporting implementation within Finances, FI Asset Accounting, Controlling, Sales and Distribution, Production, as well as Project, Maintenance and Warehouse Management.

The implementation is carried out since the beginning of 2010. The project was divided into two stages—the first go-live is scheduled to take place on 1st May 2010, the second one on 1st February 2011. The project should end in February 2011.

PPW ARAJ Sp. z o.o. produces a wide range of grain dryers, storage silos, cleaning devices, grain transporters, and integrated drying and storage systems. Their clients comprise of farms of various sizes, collection points, mills, and large food processing industrial plants. PPW Araj Sp. z o.o. not only produces equipment but also designs and implements up-to-date grain drying and storage technologies. PPW ARAJ Sp. z o.o. is a recognizable and valued brand in many European countries.