SI-Consulting invests in an intelligent assistant for sales departments


The mobile assistant Edward, created by the company 2040, is a solution on the borderline of artificial intelligence and automation of business processes. SI-Consulting decided to further develop this modern technology.

Most people in sales departments are eager to get rid of the problem of reporting and entering data into CRM. This will allow them to focus on the main goal of their work - active selling. Everyone gets their assistant with an intuitive interface and voice control, which will note down, remind about deadlines, and help plan further steps of cooperation with a given client.

Technological synergy

- After getting to know the concept of the platform designed by the company 2040, we immediately knew that this was the right direction for us - says Paweł Rytelewski, Vice President of the

Management Board of SI-Consulting from the Impel Group, operating in the area of SAP, programming and other IT services. - Currently, the intelligent assistant solution is dedicated to sales departments in large companies. In the future, we also want to develop them together, integrate with our solutions and use them within our own company - emphasizes Paweł Rytelewski.

- Edward gives many ready-made operating models - emphasizes Tomasz Wesołowski, co-creator of the solution and president of the management board of the company 2040. - The assistant guides contextually - he knows who the conversation was with, he will convert the dictated note into text, help plan the next steps, import into CRM, and remind further plans. And this is only a sample of the possibilities - emphasizes Tomasz Wesołowski.

The designed action scenarios are diverse - from simple call support with automatic reporting to CRM, through taking care of each lead, to handling questions asked by forms, based on the company's knowledge base and other incoming contacts.

A benefit for the entire organization

- It is possible, and in many cases, even advisable, to adapt to the company's structure, procedures, and method of operation - emphasizes Tomasz Wesołowski.

Edward saves time spent on reporting and manual data entry. After optimizing the operating scenarios, we can save up to a dozen or so hours of work a month in sales-related positions.

Better coordination of commercial activities and their fuller, up-to-date image, as well as the guarantee of potential customer service by the assumed process is the key to a significant improvement in sales results.