SI-Consulting with Automatic PCOE Certification

We have received another PCoE certification, but this time the award is of exceptional importance to us as this is the first time we have been automatically certified!

The PCOE certification involves a long and complicated audit, which we have experienced many times. SI-Consulting has been awarded it continuously since 2012, SAP in case of a small group of partners departs from the standard verification procedure — such companies are awarded PCoE based on an automatic audit, and this year SI-Consulting has joined this prestigious group!

Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) is an SAP certification awarded to partners every two years. The certification means that the company can provide services as an SAP Value-added Reseller and thus support customers in maintaining their licence in the SAP system. The certification process is complex and based on quarterly audits which are the basis for awarding the PCoE certification. SAP thoroughly verifies three main areas: consultants' competences and the number of certificates they hold, customer support processes and software available to the company. Only partners who have achieved high audit results in their quarterly reports are directed to automatic audits.

We digitize quickly and effectively and the services we offer are compliant with all SAP standards — another PCoE certification and the unique distinction of automatic audit are unquestionable proof of that!