Why use RPA tools during COVID-19 pandemic?


The coronavirus pandemic that has been going on for several weeks significantly affects most aspects of our lives, both personal and professional. There is no doubt that the current situation has changed our work patterns and we have faced many new challenges as a result. How to meet them and minimize the impact of the virus on our daily duties? Where humans fail, robots remain!

One of the biggest problems of our time is reduced team. Situations, when we work with significantly fewer employees, can cause us considerable worries because, even under these circumstances, we must achieve the same level of service quality. Also, we are bound by SLAs and deadlines, we still need to find data and update our IT systems efficiently. We have at least the same (if not more) material to process… only resources are greatly reduced. We observe increased demand for such scopes as, for example, immediate price updates, payment terms, and sales orders, in which data must be extracted, changed, and then quickly updated. Most of us have switched from the office to working from home, and this often means reduced interaction with colleagues and limited possibilities of using systems (e.g. SAP GUI).

Robotisation of processes as support at work

You can talk about the negative impact of the coronavirus on the business sphere for hours, but instead of overly focusing on the threats, it's time to think about effective solutions. Such tools undoubtedly include RPA - many companies have already found out about their invaluable effectiveness.

In the case of RPA tools, access to electronic data plays a crucial role. If we have it or if we can generate structured data in electronic form (e.g. in Excel templates), we can easily entrust some of the work to be processed by bots - digital employees - to further update the main systems, such as e.g. SAP With RPA, the use of temporary staff is simple, and a lack of process knowledge can be easily overcome with easy-to-use RPA scripts. All kinds of analyzes and reporting, which are an indispensable part of managing the current situation, thanks to RPA bots, we can perform automatically and much faster than using traditional methods.

We digitize quickly and efficiently

Modern RPA tools allow you to create practical solutions that automate processes without the knowledge of programming languages and advanced programming techniques - directly by business users. Thanks to this solution, the shortages of IT resources and qualified consultants stop blocking the development of automation.

What about network congestion and VPN traffic problems? We can overcome them! In this case, a proper plan of duties of our digital employees is indispensable, so that their work falls mainly on the time when the network is less loaded. To adjust and implement RPA tools in the scope appropriate for your company, using proven SI-Consulting solutions with the use of experts in this field is the right answer. Using our experience and extensive knowledge allows you to digitize quickly and efficiently, which is exactly as the current situation requires!

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