Machine Learning - machines can effectively support your business!

Recently, more and more is said about Machine Learning. The high interest surrounding the area of artificial intelligence is not surprising. It has already revolutionized the technology of writing and voice, and with each successive month, it solves more and more complex problems, thus allowing organizations not only to cut costs but also to gain a competitive advantage by building solutions for the future.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning - is an area of artificial intelligence, operating based on large data sets, where the basis is to obtain statistical analysis mechanisms operating with high efficiency and on a large scale. In practice, it is an inverted model of algorithm creation - not by creating a pattern, but by discovering patterns in a data set, e.g. by analyzing photos of faces, we can create a model that will learn to distinguish gender or estimate the age of a person.

The machine learning process usually takes place in 4 stages:

  1. Submission of data
  2. Correction and supplementation of the provided data  
  3. System training, that is, creating a model that will ultimately be used to deliver value
  4. Presentation of the data result

In what area might Machine Learning work? Practically, in any area! The most popular examples of machine learning are:

  • Finance: anticipates trends and recognizes fraud at an early stage
  • Sales: analyzes purchasing habits to suggest with high probability what our customers might like
  • Medicine: helps doctors make an accurate diagnosis
  • Machine industry: predicts the occurrence of minor faults or even major failures
  • Management: examines employees' performance, taking into account thousands of relevant factors

Machine Learning allows many companies to move to a higher level - it is also an effective support in situations when a person is not always able to react equally quickly and efficiently.

The entry was prepared based on video materials from the Customer Day 2020 conference