Dedicated Tools - improve daily work with SI-FLOW, SI-SIGN i SI-PMD

We have been implementing SAP solutions for years - during this time, we have created several products and solutions whose common feature is not only that their name starts with the phrase "SI-", but also high quality, continuous development, and adaptation to customer needs. Such products include SI-FLOW, SI-SIGN, and SI-PMD, which allow you to digitize work related to the circulation of documents in the company or support data migration.

One of the challenges that every business faces daily is document processing. The solution to most of the problems related to the control and management of document circulation is the digitization of this process. The implementation of an appropriate tool dedicated to the SAP system will allow you to effectively standardize the handling of documents throughout the company, improve and accelerate the process of processing and approval of documents, reduce the risk of payment delays, obtain current information on the size of costs or eliminate the risk of double payments. The flow of documents in the company can (and must!) run smoothly, quickly, and without errors.

Reducing costs related to analog document management and supporting work in remote mode is possible thanks to the digitization of decision-making processes and formal approval of documentation by authorized persons. Such improvements are possible with SI-SIGN, an application that assigns documents and signatures to a durable medium based on blockchain technology (thanks to this, their circulation is transparent, safe, and verifiable at any time), simplifies the entire processing process, saves your time and reduces the risk of error or loss of the document.

Another process that often causes many problems to organizations already in the project preparation phase is the data migration process. The list of critical factors that determine the correct migration is long because working with data is not simple and the very determination of the scope of data or its sources is a huge challenge. During the migration, we must also take into account the lack of knowledge of data structures, the development of processing algorithms, low data quality, and the impact of migration on the current operations of the organization. The catalog of factors affecting data migration projects is never closed. There are always unforeseen situations, so it is crucial to choose a migration environment and processing methodology to react quickly and effectively to threats and errors. Thanks to many years of experience, we know how to improve migration as much as possible.

The entry was prepared based on video materials from the Customer Day 2020 conference