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Conducting activities in areas that are monitored especially by state administration bodies involves the need to provide them with properly prepared information. These areas include, for example, sensitive goods and medicinal products. Does it have to involve extra work, pressing deadlines, unnecessary stress, and the risk of severe sanctions? Not necessarily!

In response to the growing need to automate the process of notifying the transport of sensitive goods, we have created the SI-SENT system, which allows for automatic, almost maintenance-free communication of the SAP system with the PUESC platform. The numerous benefits of using this tool include, among others, meeting legal requirements in the field of monitoring the transport of sensitive goods, automated generation and sending of messages, validation of the correctness of the generated messages, registration of logs of sent messages, or even the possibility of manual generation of messages (reaction to incorrect statuses).

An area that involves many additional administrative activities is the trade of medicinal products. Amendments to the act of September 6, 2001 (Pharmaceutical Law), from January 1, 2018, impose on entrepreneurs who trade in medicinal products, benefit foodstuffs for special nutritional uses, and benefit medical products, the obligation to submit the data indicated in these provisions to the Integrated Monitoring System for Trade in Medicinal Products (ZSMOPL) held by the Ministry of Health. This obligation applies to all entities involved in the trade of medicinal products, benefit foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses, and medical devices in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Entities participating in the trading of the above-mentioned under the threat of a fine, are obliged to prepare their IT systems for reporting data using the Integrated Monitoring System for Trade in Medicinal Products while maintaining the specification of requirements, structures, and data formats available on the website of the Ministry of Health.

The SI-ZSMOPL application made by us is a dedicated tool prepared for companies using the SAP System to support logistic processes in their organization to fully automate the preparation and sending of ZSMOPL messages to the Ministry of Health. The solution was made in ABAP Objects technology and consists of three transactions responsible for configuration, data generation, and administration of generated messages. One of the most important options in an administrative transaction is the ability to generate an XML file for previously generated data. This file is then automatically signed and sent to the servers of the Ministry of Health in the e-Transfer SI-ZSMOPL module, and the communication feedback status and data necessary for possible corrections are transferred to the administrative transaction. In this way, the involvement of system users is limited only to the analysis of the correctness of the announcements adopted by the Ministry of Health.

More information on SI-SENT and SI-ZSMOPL can be found on product pages

The entry was prepared based on video materials from the Customer Day 2020 conference