Conversion of accounts plan in EnergiaPro S.A. (Inc.)

In an attempt to meet the needs of EnergiaPro, during one week time we created and implemented a suitable SAP system program which accordingly to the Excise Tax Act records electric energy and calculates the Excise Tax. Additionally, at client’s request, the program may create a tax return statement or enter the tax payment in the SAP system.

With SnP we carried out an innovative on a Polish scale project of conversion of accounts plan for EnergiaPro. The main aim was to unify accounts plan in EnergiaPro S.A. during financial year by conversion the Wrocław branch accounts structure for the accounts structure of the company’s headquarters. To create a unified SAP system configuration we had to implement CO-PA module in Wrocław branch just as it is implemented in the headquarters. For the first time in Poland Technical Conversion Workbench (TCW) tool was used. It guaranteed that the process of technical conversion took only several hours which is a record-breaking result. The project allowed to create joined financial reports for Wrocław branch and the headquarters. Moreover, financial reports for individual economic units working within the same accounts plan could be mostly compared without the need of manual modification which proved to be time-saving.         

Comprehensive project of accounts plan conversion with System Landscape Optimization (SLO) tools.

In EnergiaPro in July, there was a go-live for accounts plan updates and a change in recording of accounting operations so that they are in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS).

Due to a change in EnergiaPro accounting policy there had to follow a change in accounts plan in the year 2011. The changes started in 2010 but they were continued also in 2011. This resulted in a situation where a part of economic operations which took place in 2011 was still recorded on the “old” accounts.        

EnergiaPro accounting team issued a query to SI-Consulting, asking whether it is possible to prepare basic financial reports (ledger’s turnover and accounts balance, financial statement, the profit and loss account) for 2011 but basing only on the new accounts (described in a company’s accounts plan as being in effect for the current financial year). The problem was that a lot of operations were recorded on the inactive ledger accounts. We took the challenge and we initiated a project of adjustment of the financial-accounting system to changed accounts plan and requirements concerning registration of some of the economic operations.  

The Project was multidimensional and covered some of the financial-accounting areas such as:

  • updating ledger accounts basic data
  • changes in the configuration of capital asset evaluation and modification of ledger accounts assignment
  • changes in FI configuration and settings of the system of new accounts
  • operation of moving in 2010 the balances from the “old” accounts to the “new” accounts
  • operation of moving the turnover for 2011 from the “old” accounts to the “new” accounts
  • modification of data interfaces for basic capital assets and taking into account new dictionaries for additional requirements concerning classification and division of capital assets
  • new capital assets report 

The effect of our work was that in July 2011 one could generate a statutory financial statement from the SAP system. This statement included turnover only from the currently valid for EnergiaPro ledger accounts.

The main goal of maintaining one of the basic financial rules—the rule of continuity of data during a financial year—was accomplished. In August 2011 accounting team received a possibility to report and classify capital assets according to new criteria and requirements of new accounting policy.