S/4 HANA is a modern software package supporting enterprise management in an effective and modern way, using the best in class solutions and technologies supporting business transformation and digitalisation of business processes.


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Digitally supported processes

Real-time analysis of the organisation’s efficiency allows optimising the processes in the company – from purchase and sales planning, through logistics chain management, to analyses, period closures and financial management.

Companies are increasingly experiencing a new level of market volatility, which is revolutionary in their approach to engaging with investors, customers, suppliers, regulators and employees. This volatility results not only from traditional areas such as the risk of currency prices or changes in the prices of raw materials but also from macroeconomic volatility, innovative methods of competition and ever-changing consumer and employee preferences. Moreover, the volatility of tax policy and complex regulatory requirements pose a challenge to obtain, analyse and provide detailed and more reliable information in real-time. The challenges faced by enterprises require that their processes be based on innovation, so as to flexibly adapt to changes, manage volatility and find new opportunities to create value. SAP S/4 HANA is a financial innovation platform that enables the digitisation of business by combining business processes and analysis into one seamless digital world. It is the foundation of a smart enterprise.

The S/4 HANA system supports end-to-end processes in the company

„Record to report”

The overall financial scenario, which refers to a faster, continuous and correct financial closing. This scenario starts with the recording of accounting data for many companies, charts of accounts, etc. and ends with the closing of the books and the creation of financial statements (e.g. International Financial Reporting Standards, US GAAP or other local regulatory requirements).


  • The universal general ledger does not require any reconciliation
  • Full data transparency
  • Operations settled in real-time
  • Faster and more efficient, automated closing of periods
  • Real-time data consolidation
  • Reporting and analysis available on an ad hoc basis without the need for transfer to the data warehouse and aggregation 
„Order to cash”

A comprehensive scenario ensuring a smooth, automated processing of customer orders from the offer to the payment record. 


  • Multi-channel access to a reliable central and up-to-date source of data on products, customers, price lists, promotions.
  • Process automation and group work mechanisms
  • Mass data processing
  • Scalability of processes
  • Intelligent mechanisms for recognising and combining payments
  • Ergonomic service
„Procure to pay”

Comprehensive process of effective cooperation between buyer and supplier and compatible and efficient processes of electronic data exchange of trading partners. This scenario includes purchase planning, demand management and order creation in accordance with the rules in force in the organisation, order execution from suppliers, delivery verification, handling of warehouse processes, settling supplier’s liabilities together with improving the processes of settling liabilities. 


  • Total control in the supply chain
  • Standardisation and efficiency of purchasing processes
  • More efficient product life cycle management
  • Comprehensive management of market activities
  • Optimal adaptation to industry needs

Key features of the S/4 HANA system

Integrated solution - it was designed and created as a set of business applications running on one database and one data model. Internal integration of the system provides authorised users with a uniform and consistent view of data. 

The division into business applications (modules) is conventional - they form one whole. The system user goes through the registration process only once, after which they can use modules according to the roles and permissions assigned to the user.

The real-time solution of single data entry makes the data immediately visible (as dictated by application logic) in all functional areas of the system, where it is required for other authorised users. It enables organisations to address all business issues in real-time at both operational and strategic levels.

The solution is delivered with open source code – customers are able to develop the product on their own with their own functionalities and applications generating competitive advantages. The “in memory” technology allows the use of advanced analytical and prediction tools based directly on the source data in the system, which allows for a faster and more accurate response to the market situation or the course of a specific process or operation.