SAP Business Technology Platform

What is SAP BTP?

SAP Business Technology Platform is an integrated platform offered by SAP. It is a place where every organization will find an area to create innovative solutions. The presented environment is a set of key, modern technological areas that help introduce every enterprise to the digital transformation world. SAP BTP is also an alternative place to implement extensions for SAP S/4Hana Private Cloud. The platform includes tools supporting the following areas:

  • Building applications based on different programming languages
  • System Integration
  • Databases and data management possibilities
  • Analytics
  • Modern technologies (AI/Robots)

SAP BTP is a cloud solution, therefore the enterprise does not need to expand its technical architecture, and any failures will not affect the continuity of processes.

Diverse licensing models are also a big advantage of the platform:

  • Pay-As-You-Go – the assumption of this model is the ability to register to start using cloud services in a production environment without any initial costs, the fee is charged for the services launched.
  • CPEA (Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement) – the basis of this model is the use of credits, paid in advance under the actual use of the functionality.
  • Subscription – the subscription model allows you to choose a fixed set of services at a fixed rate regardless of actual consumption.

SAP AppGyver/SAP Build Apps

With the recent events (pandemic, outbreak of war in Ukraine), the role of digitization in all branches of business is growing. This is predicted to be one of the most important trends of 2023. Creating applications that ensure that extensive business requirements are met while maintaining appropriate security standards becomes the key to meeting the crises of global economies. Parallel to these requirements, the condition for good implementation of IT solutions is increasingly determined by the shortest possible implementation time and limiting the costs of developing the application. A limited number of IT professionals is also an obvious problem in building the right software.

Faced with such opposing arguments, the search for a way to reconcile all requirements began, resulting in the creation of low-code/no-code platforms. The assumption of such an approach is to build business tools as quickly as possible while limiting manual code writing. The "drag and drop" principle was adopted, so that the user can build both the user interface and the logic of the application using ready-made modules. This approach reduces the gap between the requirements of the business and the concept of the development team.

Also, SAP, moving towards such trends, offers the SAP Build apps solution (formerly SAP App Gyver). It is a professional tool for creating:

  • Independent applications
  • Extensions SAP system
  • Applications connected by data buses.

The low-code/no-code approach is in line with the strategic objectives of SAP, which has been providing the highest level of service as a cloud software provider for several years. SAP Build Apps is based on the Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), which perfectly correlates with the unification of the architecture of each enterprise. SAP BTP provides newer and newer services that are connected in one ecosystem and are in line with Gartner's predictions about the creation of "super applications" by the largest companies. The use of BTP, and thus the capabilities of SAP Build Apps, allows companies to optimize both new and existing business processes. A great convenience in working with this tool is its availability as a cloud solution. Therefore, it does not require complicated installations. It will work equally fast on any computer, regardless of the infrastructure (only an internet connection with good bandwidth is required). The above description exhausts the definition of an appropriate tool with which to prepare the digital transformation of an enterprise that wants to approach business in an innovative way, which seems to be the only right path to success. SAP Build Apps also allows business users to have a greater impact on the appearance of the application. This largely translates into meeting the functional requirements, because you do not have to give up the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, or IoT.

SAP Integration Suite

Each question about whether the integration bus embedded in the cloud can work well should receive an unambiguous answer consisting of three words: SAP Integration Suite. The stability of interfaces built based on this tool ensures the continuity of business processes while maintaining all security rules. SAP Integration Suite provides several predefined integration scenarios that make implementation fast and based on best practices. Naturally, the organization does not have to close itself only to the already created interfaces, the extensive tool for creating and modifying interconnections provides the opportunity to build the most complex way of communication using modern protocols. SAP Integration Suite is the perfect tool for combining cloud and on-premise systems.

SAP Discovery Center-Service

The great advantage of SAP BTP is the availability of predefined services. It can be said that each website is a separate extensive application that can be used to build the entire technical ecosystem in the enterprise. This approach makes it possible to significantly accelerate the expansion of applications, which gives high quality while reducing the time needed to implement changes and immediate adaptation to the changing market. Examples of services that can be used with SAP BTP are:

  • SAP Workflow Management
  • Work Calendar • SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing
  • SAP Task Center
  • SAP Build Process Automation Link do oficjalnej strony SAP: