Calculate advance payments for income tax easier, faster, and... flawlessly! It is possible with the SI-CIT tool!

A standard solution of a modern ERP-class IT system concerning the Polish-specific obligation to calculate advance income tax payments is very labor-intensive and burdensome. It involves several reports preparation, manual verification of many accounting entries, and calculation of the liability amount. This makes the process quite time-consuming and increases the risk of undesirable mistakes.

To meet the expectations of customers, we have created a new solution for the SAP system that allows quick and easy generation of all the necessary information. It also enables the preparation of a CIT declaration and calculation of the monthly advance income tax payment.

This solution is designed to generate a CIT report containing a summary of tax incomes and expenses, grouped according to specific accounts, indicators (tax-deductible expenses [pol. KUP], tax non-deductible expenses [pol. NKUP], etc.) or CIT dates, and an automatic tax calculation, also taking into account deductible donations.






Before preparing a CIT report, it is also possible to generate a report with unassigned indicators (e.g. tax-deductible expenses, tax non-deductible expenses) or CIT date, selecting any item or range of items and filling in the missing entries. 

In addition, for the purpose of checking/reconciling, a report has been created to generate inconsistencies of CIT dates in accounting document items. The report shows inconsistencies in total with the possibility to display individual accounting items. 






An unquestionable advantage of this solution is the possibility of the independent configuration of CIT tags, default assignments for individual G/L accounts, and creating customized column headings and their definitions.

Thanks to the period closing functionality in terms of CIT, it was possible to obtain high efficiency of the report, operating on a large number of accounting items.