SI-KSeF is a product of SI Consulting ensuring the integration of the SAP system with the electronic invoicing platform. The solution ensures the distribution of sales invoices and the registration of cost invoices distributed from the KSeF platform.



Did you know that?

On February 5, 2021, the Ministry of Finance started public consultations on the draft amendment to the VAT Act introducing an e-structured invoice, i.e. an electronic invoice issued using the National System of e-Invoices (later referred to as KSeF). It will be a standardized form of a document, transparent and legible for all users. In the first phase of implementing a structured e-invoice, Polish entrepreneurs will use it voluntarily. Taxpayers choosing a structured e-invoice will receive a VAT refund 1/3 faster - the refund period will be shortened for them by 20 days, from 60 to 40. The new regulations are to enter into force on October 1, 2021.

Why SI-KSeF?

The SI-Consulting solution does not interfere with the customer's purchasing and sales processes, which makes it possible to launch the solution in a relatively short time. As part of the SI-KSeF, you receive a complete set of user manuals, as well as training for users and system administrators.

Find out about the possibilities of the SI-KSeF

SI-KSeF is:

  • a configuration cockpit with configuration tables allowing for quick integration of the SAP system with KSeF
  • distribution of sales invoices (XML) to the government platform • registration of cost invoices sent from the KSeF
  • registration of data and statuses obtained from the KSeF in the SAP system • management of approvals and authorizations in the use of the KSeF
  • reporting on sales and purchase invoices, plus an administrator's report.