The SI-POS software makes it possible to support the retail sales process directly in the SAP system. The solution is based on standard sales documents in the SAP system, using an interface built on SAP Fiori. The tool uses the existing sales mechanisms in the SAP system, including availability control and discounts.

Scope of the Solution:

  • system configuration allowing to generate a workflow of documents being a data source for printing a fiscal receipt
  • output information and print program responsible for communication with fiscal printers (network connections)
  • front-end in the form of the Fiori application enabling registration of sales in parallel at multiple positions (support for mobile devices))

SI-POS supports both one-time and returning customers who have an established file in the SAP system. Search engines allow you to conveniently find customers existing in the system to implement sales.

The item finder allows you to conveniently find items for sale, either by entering the name, material index, or EAN code (input ready for entering using barcode readers).

It is possible to both aggregate items with the same index and record them separately, without the need for configuration changes, all within one order,




The SI-POS solution consists of both the Fiori application, used directly to implement the process from the POS position, and additionally:

  • set of configuration tools:
  • fiscal printers communication module

SI-POS allows you to:

implementation of sales with a distinction of:

  • type of printed document (receipt/invoice)
  • type of sales
  • type of customer (one-time, set up in the system)
  • stage of finalization (whether the process is to end with a receipt/invoice or at the stage of the delivery note - open order)
  • type of payment (cash/card/other - in the case of customers established in the system)
  • continuation of sales under open orders
  • creating business partners in the system, in the case of returning customers
  • printout of the sales document on a fiscal printer supporting network communication via WebSocket

As part of the configuration tools, it is possible to:

  • define the basic parameters of the supported documents (document type, sales composition, sales office, etc.)
  • define exemplary partners, used as a template when setting up business partners
  • indicate the partners to serve one-off customers
  • linking the user to a fiscal printer