Application development in the cloud

The digital transformation of enterprises that we are witnessing creates new directions of computerization of business processes. One of these directions is the growing popularity of using applications and data containers available in the cloud. Using applications that are not located on internal servers brings many benefits and opportunities for the enterprise. The most important of them is the fact that applications outside the organization do not need internal technical resources. As a result, the company reduces the costs associated with the purchase of maintenance, servicing and development of electronic equipment. At the same time, using the application in the cloud, we have the ability to increase or decrease computing power and disk space depending on the needs.

Cloud applications - SAP Cloud Platform

We have access to applications created for use in the cloud from anywhere in the world, using both computers as well as smartphones and tablets. Applications designed in this way usually have great integration possibilities, both with other applications in the cloud, as well as those that have been installed on the company's servers. Further advantages of the cloud application include flexibility, thanks to which the extension of existing applications and the creation of new solutions in this technology is much simpler.

The use of modern and proven IT solutions makes the software very safe. Programmers create applications using known design patterns, which allows standardization and a high level of created code. At the same time, created applications do not have to be implemented in the same language, which allows you to use the potential of different programming technologies.

In response to such complex business needs, it has been developed SAP Cloud Platform technology platform, which is based on a cloud solution. In this case, even the work of the programmer is done using a programming environment located in the cloud, and this increases the flexibility of the application development process.

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