Creating front-end applications

Since the introduction of the SAP Fiori platform and the accompanying SAPUI5 library, the set of standard applications offered directly by SAP has been growing at an impressive pace. However, due to the fact that tools targeted at a wide range of recipients are not always able to meet the specific requirements of specific units - even taking into account the wide configuration possibilities - there is also a separate path that allows you to create applications from scratch (tuned to the specific requirements of the organization).

The phase of designing front-end applications

In the first step, specific functional expectations are set: what should the application do? What processes should it affect? What to initiate and what to end? Then answer the question of who will be the target group - is the application dedicated to managerial staff, lower-level employees, or maybe for administrators, and what information flow should be - what data should be entered, displayed, what prompted by the user and what non-modifiable. Having this information, in consultation with representatives of the target group, a mock-up of the application is created, allowing to verify its ergonomics and confirm the concept of information flow.

The phase of creating front-end applications

After the design phase, the development phase follows. Depending on the SAP architecture and specific requirements, applications can be created using external tools (e.g. Neptune Software platform), or directly as SAP Fiori applications. In the first case, the process is usually a bit faster, but requires the purchase of additional licenses, in the second case - the purchase of additional licenses is not needed, but for older systems, you may need to upgrade to versions that support the OData protocol and UI5 components. Regardless of the platform selected, the resulting application consists of two parts - front-end, based on SAPUI5 libraries, built on the basis of HTML5 and JavaScript one-page application, and backend, which integrates actions called in the application with SAP processes and database tables.

Features of front-end applications

The applications created in this way are not limited to On-Premise systems. Due to the technologies used, the creation process largely resembles SAP systems located in the cloud.

Applications can be successfully placed as tiles in SAP Fiori Launchpad, allowing access from its level and from the SAP Fiori Client application, as well as made available in the form of a URL (opened directly in a web browser)


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