Data migration

The process of migration of basic data (such as Client, material, employees, fixed assets, chart of accounts) and transactional data (e.g. opening balance, individual items, depreciation, use of vacation limits, open contracts, open orders) to the new system environment SAP platform is one of the key factors for the success of the entire enterprise. Close cooperation between all parties involved in the migration process is necessary here. Proper planning of this process, as well as the start of work on migration, already at the initial stages of the implementation project gives you confidence in the preparation of data of adequate quality and the correct start of work in the new system.

To ensure the quality of data migrated to the system, migration is carried out by SI-Consulting in two blocks:

Test migrations

The purpose of test migrations is primarily: 

  • verification of the correctness of data extraction procedures and mapping of input data structures from the Client’s source systems to the SAP system data model,,
  • verification of the quality of input data,
  • performance optimization of the data migration process, especially important for large data sets,
  • optimization of the organization of the migration process in the scope of cooperation of all parties involved in the process..

Production migration

Production migration is the import of ready-made basic and transactional data into the target SAP system to the extent that allows you to start productive work with the system, in accordance with the Migration Plan established jointly by SI-Consulting and the Client. Part of the data is migrated to the SAP system before the productive start (basic data), some – at the moment of the start (e.g. inventory), some – after closing the billing period in the system used so far. It is particularly important for the Client's team to verify data after their migration to the productive system so as to be sure that business operations carried out in the new system use the correct data.

In the case of migration of large data volumes, the need to perform many complex data transformations between the source and target systems - SI-Consulting offers you the opportunity to use the tool developed by ourselves called PMD PMD (Data Migration Platform), which allows transformations to be performed in a systematic, repeatable and automated manner while maintaining full data security and the audit log.

1. Data analysis

Data mapping, i.e. identification of connections between data structures in the source and target systems. Identification of data required in the new system and missing in the source system.

2. Data extraction

Obtaining data to be converted from databases of systems used so far in their source form.

3. Transformation

Przekształcenie danych źródłowych do formatu wymaganego w systemie SAP,

  • Conversion of source data to the format required in the SAP system, including:
  • Filtrating data that does not meet certain criteria
  • combining data from different source systems into one output record
  • splitting data from one source record into several output records
  • translating input data to output data according to specific mapping rules
  • providing missing, incomplete or outdated data

4. Loading data

Loading data into the SAP system using standard SAP system tools and in the appropriate sequence (in accordance with the requirements of individual modules and structures, and relationships between them). Reconciliation, quantitative and qualitative validation of data transferred to the new system before making the decision to start the production system