Implementation (Activate methodology)

The decision on the implementation of a new IT solution in a company involves many activities aimed at achieving the assumed goal. The road to success must be clearly defined - there is no room for temporary trials and provisional solutions; therefore, one should act methodically. The word 'methodology' is crucial to us ¬– we know that effective project management is the key to opening the most difficult locks. In our work, we rely on proven international standards PMBOK, Prince2 and SAP Activate methodology.

The implementation of the new solution is a complex organizational undertaking, where technical aspects must perfectly harmonize with business. The project, usually lasting from a few to several months, often results in changes in organizational structures, operating procedures, scopes of responsibility and entitlements of individual employees. It is essential to become aware of the change in the implementation project and proper management of this process at all levels, not only in the area of IT but above all - the business that will be the recipient of the project.

SAP Activate

The SAP Activate methodology is the successor of the ASAP methodology. It has been developed based on many years of SAP experience gained in the execution of projects implementing and developing SAP Systems in many companies around the world. As part of the SAP Activate methodology, special content was prepared and made available with a number of document templates, examples and tools to allow efficient adaptation of the methodology to the implementation of the project. The SAP Activate methodology can be used for individual projects and programs, as well as interact with SAP Premium Engagement services. This methodology is in line with the PMI (Project Management Institute).

Key task areas of the SAP Activate methodology:

  • Project management
  • Solution design
  • Solution configuration
  • Solution review
  • Integration design
  • Preparation of the Project Team
  • Designing and preparing data migration
  • Preparation of integration
  • Solution testing
  • Solutions launching
  • Preparation of support
  • System management

During each phase of the methodology, the project team creates a specific set of products that provide input for subsequent phases. The SAP Activate methodology offers examples of key work results, including a description of the procedures explaining how to prepare them and achieve the expected goals. The SAP Activate methodology also provides accelerators for each phase and task areas. These include templates, questionnaires, checklists, guides and other tools that facilitate the efficient, consistent and repeatable implementation of Projects.

The SAP Activate phases

By using the best practices and pre-configured processes available in SAP Best Practice and SAP Model Company - it is possible to implement the agile model - faster and in a cost-effective way. 

1. Project Preparation

  • range and values
  • roadmap, architecture, project plan
  • resource organization

Quick start of the project with a configured solution

2. Scope validation

  1. Model Company
  2. GAP-FIT analysis
  3. priority requirements (GAP)
  4. designing requirements
  5. sprint schedule

IIdentification and verification of deviations from Model Company / SAP Best Practices

3. Execution

  1. implementation of sprints
  2. integration tests
  3. value verification
  4. cutover plan

Building a solution

4. Go-live

  1. technical tests
  2. organizational readiness
  3. productive start
  4. after-start support

Safe solution launch

5. Support

  • stabilization
  • value management
  • optimization and development
  • application management

Continuous improvement of the solution, creation of the Competence Center