Test automation

Flexibility, innovation and pioneering are the keys to the success of any enterprise, therefore, to contribute to the success of your company, we offer:

  • Manual tests (SAP Client Experience - formerly Hybris, web applications)
  • Test automation for the SAP Client Experience platform and web applications (Selenium)
  • Performance tests (Jmeter).

Automatic tests used in the process of software development by SI-Consulting contribute to a significant reduction in the time needed, among others for regression testing. Thus, we are able to perform system verification much faster, e.g. after a system correction, without the use of manual testers - which allows us to reduce human resources. The main advantage of automatic tests is their repeatability - thoroughly prepared scripts allow to reduce the risk of human error that may appear when performing multiple verifications of the same process.
Test results are saved in the form of a report after they have been carried out, which allows you to immediately verify the correct operation of the functionalities covered with automatic tests. In addition, the Jenkins tool allows you to run tests after building each new version of the system, which afford to immediately exclude errors that prevent its testing. As part of the tests, we offer the client comprehensive support - scenario creation needs analysis, service support in adjusting the scenarios to new requirements. The basis of our automated tests is always the analysis of processes under test, as a result of which we identify processes that are to be automated, being guided by the criticality and frequency of use of these processes.

We also perform performance tests, i.e. simulation of server, database and system load. For the purposes of testing, we create usage scenarios (e.g. creating new users, simultaneous login of X users), we work with the team responsible for the infrastructure to examine the needs and capabilities of the system, and after testing, we generate a report that allows us to show which functionalities can act as a bottleneck negatively affecting system performance. This minimizes the risk of system availability for end-users before production deployment.

As part of automated tests, we use the following solutions and technologies:

  • Selenium
  • Java
  • Cucumber
  • Jenkins
  • Gherkin
  • Maven
  • TestNG

The confirmation of our professionalism and competence is the experience and references of clients with whom we have carried out many projects so far:

  • Manual tests for the needs of implemented projects (Vodafone, CCC, Sungarden, Reckitt, Orange, Impel Delivery)
  • Automatic tests for regression testing (Vodafone, SI-Consulting, Reckitt)
  • Performance tests (Vodafone, CCC, Tauron)

Progress, development of technology and growing requirements set by recipients cause that new products with innovative solutions appear quickly on the market. Therefore, it should be expected that enterprises, wanting to maintain a high position and competitive advantage, will have to transform and automate internal processes. The success of this type of venture depends on the combination of two key forces - the strengths of human and the advantages of the machine.

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