NIP Scanner (TIN Scanner)

Verification of the TIN for the status of VAT payer using an Android phone. Simply point the camera at the document with the TIN, without having to type it in. 

The NIP Scanner application works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Run the NIP Scanner application
  2. Point the camera at the TIN number (e.g. on an invoice, on a business card) so that it is in the highlighted field
  3. Select Check and read the VAT payer status.
  4. The application is available in the Google Play store.

The NIP Skaner application is a part of the SI-NIP solution (developed by SI-Consulting), which automates the process of verification of contractors in the SAP system. This check is carried out automatically from the moment of creation of the supplier, through the process of acceptance/issue of the invoice, to the booking of invoices and creation of the VAT register.