The current coronavirus epidemic has forced many organizations and companies to work remotely, with many challenges. One of these challenges is the remote process of signing contracts and approving documents. The process, which is normally done with a manual signature, becomes complicated and time-consuming due to remote conditions, often requiring additional activities from employees, such as printing, scanning documents or regular e-mail exchange.  

A remote working environment also makes it difficult to maintain the schedule for convening company meetings, as well as the conducting of such meetings on time, which requires the use of various tools, often not covering the formal requirements of meetings of limited liability companies or joint stock companies.

SI-SIGN is a response to the challenges of signing important documents remotely. This is a dedicated web application for digital document management, with the possibility of accepting and tracking the circulation of documents and holding meetings of limited liability and joint stock companies. The tool enables the implementation of these activities in a permanent, safe and transparent way, among others through the use of cryptography (based on blockchain technology tools). This solution, at a time when the possibility of direct contact and physical signing of documents is difficult, will support the Contracting Party in the day-to-day management of decision-making processes, shortening them and enabling participation in them regardless of the employee's or partner's place of residence. 

SI-SIGN is therefore a solution that digitizes decision-making processes, allowing for formal confirmation of documentation by authorized persons and for holding meetings within limited liability companies and joint stock companies.  

The tool enables this thanks to two main application modules and their functions:

Meeting module

  • company configuration, i.e., defining the type of company (private limited company or joint stock company), adding shareholders together with blocks of shares and the number of votes to which they are entitled, 
  • adding and assigning members to the meetings, 
  • planning meetings, the possibility to start meetings at any time,  
  • adding votes during the meeting, assigning participants to them with the possibility of adding a participant during the ongoing meeting and adding a file (resolution) on which voting takes place,  
  • the possibility of choosing either open or secret ballot and adapting the application to the formal requirements for both forms of voting (including non-standard voting).  

Project module   

  • definiowanie dowolnej liczby klientów / partnerów,  

  • assigning to customers any number of projects in which document flow and decision-making processes take place, 

  • adding individual documents or groups of documents and submitting them to a process of acceptance by authorized users, 

  • defining user groups with specific privileges to accept documents (view or accept),

  • defining document types to facilitate document management.