Building of systems and applications and their implementation

The creation of a new IT system is a complex process in which not only programmers, business consultants, UI/UX specialists and, of course, testers, who ensure the quality of the final product, often cooperate.

Software development 

Software development is a complex creative process. During the implementation of our projects, we prefer an agile approach, which allows the glass to start work and progress in cyclical intervals of the so-called sprints. Sprints are 1-4 weeks old, depending on the project. The scope (content) of each sprint is planned with Product Owner. The acceptance of functionality gains is realised at the end of the sprint. Each sprint as agreed ends with the release of a new version of the application, which the Client's team can test. The Client has access to the prototype, and can make current comments on the project affecting the overall scope of the project. Other Client teams have a real impact on product development.

Quality control and assurance 

One of the most important stages of software development is the preparation and execution of tests (unit tests, functional tests, automation tests, etc.). Thorough tests at various stages of application development ensure the creation of a well-functioning solution that is accepted by the Client.