Maintenance and development

We feel responsible for the products we develop. An important aspect of the product life cycle is to ensure that service requests under warranty are fulfilled. Additionally, under one contract, we offer the possibility to extend the functional system with new functions or modules.

After the implementation of the software, we provide maintenance services. The systems and applications used by Clients require systematic care – thanks to this, they work better and, above all, are safe. Software maintenance is a process in which the Client has the opportunity to report errors to the application that occurred as a result of its use, and the team diagnoses and corrects them. 

In addition, we also offer the possibility to develop the implemented system, which consists of introducing functional extensions to the existing application, modifications on-demand or extension of the existing system features and functions. The aim of software development is to adapt it to changing business or system expectations.

The Client may decide to maintain and develop their application, then application maintenance and development agreement are signed based on the SLA, within which services are provided.