Software design

Software development is not just about engineering and programming. At the same time, it is a creative process that often involves clarifying the initial requirements of the Client and exceeding them. Thanks to this, the software developed is often adapted not only to current but also future Client needs.

Before starting to build the system, we agree with the Client on the system design. Depending on the adopted methodology of system construction, we develop a document covering the Information System Concept. Such a document is the basis for building an IT system and is each time approved by the Client.

During the development of the System Concept, our specialists select the technology in which a specific solution will be made. This is to provide an optimal solution tailored to the Client's needs.

In particular, the Information System Concept includes:


  • the purpose of building the system from the Client's point of view
  • list of stakeholders
  • system scope
  • list and type of users
  • systems architecture divided into particular functional modules
  • list of functional requirements
  • users’ permissions specification
  • list of non-functional requirements

Understanding Client requirements helps us develop the look and feel of the user interface. For this purpose, we design views and mock-ups, which are often part of the preparation.