Business Warehouse

Nowadays, companies are forced to adapt to changing market conditions. This requires ideal analytical tools and planning solutions to anticipate market conditions well in advance. The solution offered by SI-Consulting Business Intelligence, i.e. a solution based on two platforms, meets these requirements: SAP Netweaver and BusinessObjects Enterprise.

SAP Data Warehouse

The core of our BI solutions is the SAP Data Warehouse, used by thousands of companies around the world. The architecture of the warehouse consists of three layers: source, application and reporting. The task of the Data Warehouse is to support the processing and storage of information for strategic and analytical purposes (as opposed to transactional systems carrying out processing for operational purposes). The tool allows for combining data
from SAP sources and external systems. The data subject to analysis in the SAP BW system are divided into two categories: transaction data reflecting economic events and basic data being dictionaries of business terms.

The SAP Data Warehouse has a built-in data presentation interface. Together with the application, SAP provides pre-defined solutions for various industries and business areas of the company, which significantly shorten the project time.


The mechanism of implementation of new processes often focuses on efficiency, forgetting about the people using the solutions. In our company we do not forget about end-users, so we have extended our offer with BusinessObjects applications. The BusinessObjects solution portfolio includes a wide range of tools and applications: from the well known Crystal Reports, which helps in formatted reporting, through Xcelsius desktops for the company’s management, to the latest solutions such as SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, which supports a quick and effective search for the desired information and its visualisation.

BusinessObjects solutions are implemented based on SAP Data Warehouse and other ERP modules.


Our experience shows that a well-designed and implemented BI system allows us to achieve the intended goals faster with less resources. The offer includes:

  • functional requirements analysis
  • creating a data model for the Data Warehouse
  • migration of data from functioning IT systems
  • data modelling for easy report generation 
  • creation of planning models, implementation of SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management)
  • implementation of BusinessObjects and SAP analytical applications
  • designing a range of reports for the Client’s needs

We employ consultants with various modular specialisations, which allows us to present a complete offer of SAP BW implementation together with other SAP ERP modules, which in our solutions function as source systems. Among our clients, we have the largest Polish companies from various industries, among others: IMPEL S.A., PKP Cargo, PGNiG, TEB S.A.

BusinessObjects Edge

The SI-Consulting offer has been extended to include a complete BI solution from SAP BusinessObjects for small and medium enterprises – the BusinessObjects Edge package. We are aware of the value of up-to-date data in a rapidly changing market environment, which is why our R&D department is currently working on mobile BI solutions and solutions, providing the user with real-time information. Data warehouse – a type of database that is organised and optimised for a certain part of reality.

The warehouse consists of theme-oriented data sets. These data often come from multiple sources, are integrated and read-only. In practice, warehouses are databases integrating data from all other database systems in the company. This integration consists of cyclical data supply of production systems (databases or systems can be many and can be dispersed).