SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is an open business platform designed for innovation, integration and extension of applications.  The Platform also enables comprehensive creation of new applications based on the latest technologies. The use of this solution allows the company to react quickly to changes and develop in order to meet the ever newer market expectations. At the same time, SAP Cloud Platform is a cloud-based solution, which minimises the need to develop the technical infrastructure of the enterprise.

Scope of services

Implementation of safe and flexible applications is possible thanks to the use of, among others, services in the field: 

  • Big Data 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Internet of Things 
  • Mobile solutions. 

The use of the SAP Cloud Platform allows you to achieve business agility and speeds up the digital transformation across the company

Solutions used in the Platform

The SAP Cloud platform offers complementary and interoperable environments and programming models, including Cloud Foundry, Neo and ABAP. They are based on known and proven design patterns, guaranteeing the system’s trouble-free operation. The use of the presented Platform results in a simple and scalable method of storing, distributing and providing access to data with the possibility to manage it. The Platform is equipped with a clear and easy to use user interface while maintaining a modern design. An example of the interface is shown below:

SAP Cloud Platform interfejs


The architecture of this solution has been designed in such a way that the user can use the services they need to improve the functioning of business processes. This limits the number of services available, which can be activated at any time, depending on the changing needs of the company and technological requirements. Each of the services carries extensive functionality that can be used at every stage of the business process. 

Examples of available services

SAP API Management

A solution allowing for the analysis and calculation of the use of relevant parts of the business process. The website presents the obtained results in a clear way, also allowing to make them available in the form of indicators and charts.  The service allows you to easily organise the calculation methods using your own plans to calculate and use elements of the business process (e.g. applications).  An example of a desktop for this service is shown below.

SAP API Management


SAP Cloud Platform Integration (Cloud Integration)

A solution enabling comprehensive integration of processes in applications running in the cloud and on-premise systems (cloud-cloud and cloud-on-premise integration).