ERP class systems are a response to the need to have information in virtually every area related to the functioning of a company, at every stage of processes taking place in it.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), more commonly Advanced Resource Management, is a term for classes of IT systems used to support the management of an enterprise or the cooperation of a group of cooperating enterprises, by collecting data and enabling operations on the collected data.

Basic areas of ERP system operation

SAP ERP Financials (Finance)

Automation and simplification of financial and management accounting processes. Providing data in accordance with Polish law to reports expected by the authorities (Tax Office, Central Statistical Office, Social Insurance Institution). Reliable economic data, which are the basis for making operational and strategic decisions.

SAP ERP Human Capital Management

Human capital management - full HR and payroll service of the company, from planning of resources and organisational structure to time registration and calculation and posting of wages.

SAP ERP Operations

Management of the company’s main logistics processes - from product design to payment for the product sold. As part of this process, there is every function involved in handling products, goods and services, regardless of the industry in which the company operates. For specialised industries, additives are prepared to meet the most sublime expectations.

SAP ERP Corporate Services

A package of solutions for handling auxiliary processes in the company: management of real estate, company assets, project portfolio, business trips, foreign trade as well as compliance with health and safety regulations and environmental protection regulations. 
Thanks to the above solutions, the operational work in the company becomes more efficient and the final information obtained allows to make decisions appropriate for the company.


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