A comprehensive solution for issuing, distributing and storing sales invoices in electronic form. It has the option of external storage in the form of PDF and XML files based on an external distribution platform or based on standard email communication from the SAP system (ERP). The basic feature of the solution is a thoughtful way of integrating the solution, which does not interfere with the current invoicing process and the appearance of documents. Thus, safe and fast implementation is possible without extensive testing and user training.

Formal requirements

As part of the solution, E-SEGREGATOR is available, i.e. the e-invoice management cockpit. From its level, it is possible to view the generated e-invoice documents, monitor current statuses and perform electronic signature operations.

SI-EFAKTURA meets all formal requirements: 

  • issuing e-invoices only for recipients who consented during the period of consent protection against
  • the repeated generation of the same e-invoice generating
  • invoices only for posted documents
  • signing e-invoices with a qualified signature and a time stamp electronic
  • document repository (distribution platform) meeting the requirements of the Act regarding storage time and access for clients.


  • Elimination of paper documents
  • Faster delivery of the document to the recipient
  • Reduced service cost
  • Content integrity and originality of invoice origin guaranteed
  • Archiving invoices in the period required by law
  • Timeliness of sending and delivering documents
  • Meeting legal requirements for e-invoice
  • Completely automatic generation and sending of documents based on the consent of Clients
  • E-file management
  • Confirmation of receipt of the document online
  • Quick and easy implementation, no changes in system processes
  • Integration with the electronic invoicing (PEF) platform
  • Providing documents in XML and PDF format
  • Additional communication channel with the Client

The implementation of the solution in the variant with the document repository distribution platform can be carried out as part of a publicly available public service or in the form of a private server managed by the Client. In the variant without a distribution platform, the document repository can be implemented in SAP Content Server.