UiPath company is one of the three leaders in the market of robotic solutions, and the solutions it delivers have been recognised as the most popular, yet very easy and effective RPA tools for two years. 

The integrated automation environment is made up of three elements:

  • UiPath Studio - advanced tools that allow you to design automation processes in a visual way (through diagrams). It has over 300 ready-made components integrating with business software and advanced programming functions for more experienced users.
  • UiPath robot - launches processes built in the studio. Robots can operate in the background, without human supervision or as so-called Assistants, whose work is triggered by a person on a particular machine.
  • UiPath Orchestrator - available as a web-based (server-based) and mobile application. Orchestrator monitors and manages robots and processes, implements their work schedule, allows to observe and report their results.