Business cloud

As part of this service, we provide and administer server resources (computing power, disk space, network services, backup systems, Disaster Recovery, monitoring and management) and ready-made back-office services that ensure communication and cooperation with business partners.

The Client receives a complete environment that operates in a remote server room or is integrated into the Client’s on-premise environment as a hybrid. The user can run their own systems and applications there or use ready-made systems without having to worry about:

  • security – data centres meet common security standards (e.g. ISO27001) and customer data can be secured, e.g. By geographical replication. The systems are often monitored by advanced solutions allowing to react to incidents, also in an automatic way.
  • resources – the solutions we offer are scalable, i.e. they adapt to the Client’s current needs. As a result, development or changes in the Client’s environment are no longer a problem for the IT systems. costs – solutions are provided as a service. The Client does not have to invest heavily in the infrastructure, and can use the funds they have to develop their own business. In this case, the infrastructure becomes an operational
  • cost adapted to the Client’s requirements.

The service is based on solutions of the largest global cloud service providers (including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Amazon Web Services) and recognised Polish Data Centres, which cooperate with us as partners.