Computer as a service package

Our long experience helps us to offer a solution in which the Client does not need to buy their computer equipment, but only to use it in a flexible way when they need it. Such a computer as a Service, in addition to the hardware, can be equipped with popular Microsoft Office software and provided with many additional services related to management, service and security.

As part of the service, the Client may get:

  • a ready-to-use computer that is installed and configured in the Client’s network, with jointly defined parameters
  • specialised technical assistance concerning the operation of programs installed on the computer (updating, installation, integration with other programs, software configuration, troubleshooting software operation)
  • maintenance service for the computer in terms of hardware (repairs, upgrades, setting up new computers, diagnostics)
  • monitoring the legality of software installed on the computer.
  • Help-Desk support
  • software updates for operating system, Office package, anti-virus software and network connection applications. The service enables access to the SI-Consulting network, where such a service is provided. The performance of a WAN network depends on the individual WAN lines, and in particular on the data communication lines in a given location. This service provides other network services.
  • a bundle of additional services based on Microsoft 365a