Cloud solutions, or the digital future of your company

Cloud solutions are gaining more and more popularity every year, but there are still many companies that have not yet decided to use this type of service. The reason? At the stage of the decision-making regarding the implementation of cloud solutions in an enterprise, there is often a concern about data security. Is it justified? Not with solutions such as Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure!

Data stored via Microsoft cloud solutions is safe thanks to the use of strong encryption mechanisms. At the same time, it should be noted that among the key privacy principles in the Microsoft cloud, an important role is played by such elements as control, transparency, security, no content-based targeting, and strong legal protection. Regardless of where we run our business, we can be sure that Microsoft's cloud services comply with local law.
Many people are unaware that cloud solutions are not exclusively about data storage and providing computing power for our systems. Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure are highly appreciated also among companies with people working remotely. Remote workers can be found in every organization and we often do not know exactly how to verify the quality and safety of remote work. One of the helpful solutions is the Microsoft 365 security portal and the associated Cloud APP Security portal.

Cloud solutions also mean… business consulting! When cooperating with a traditional business advisor, we often meet with many unknowns. We do not know what such a person can do. Where they take their knowledge from. And, above all, whether this knowledge will be helpful to us, e.g. whether the company will realize specific savings or increase security thanks to the services they provide. Cloud solutions are coming to the rescue! In the Microsoft cloud, virtual advisors are waiting for us. They take their knowledge from what we do, how we operate, and what we use our systems for. Having this information and a wide knowledge of systems and solutions available in the cloud, virtual consultants can provide us with really valuable data.

In conclusion, your company is ready for the digital future, and cloud solutions can only help you with that.

The entry was prepared based on video materials from the Customer Day 2020 conference