The software development service, focusing on building broadly understood extensions of the SAP system, is the basis for the operation of the SAP Technology team. We implement extensions based on both ready Client concepts and solutions prepared by functional consultants SI-Consulting - based on project experience. At the same time, as part of the SAP Technology laboratory, we create our own products based on SAP platforms, including supporting add-on solutions (e.g. SAF-T) of the SAP standard in cooperation with SAP SE.

Works on extensions are usually carried out remotely by a team of experienced programmers, thanks to which the client can count on optimized implementation or modification time. Tasks are carried out under the regime of proven methodology, thanks to which the client receives a high-quality programming service. However, unlike typical offshore / nearshore services, we are ready to contact the Client directly and solve problems where they appear physically, i.e. in the Client's locations.

Programming implementation areas

A team of experienced programmers, architects and consultants at the SAP SI-Consulting Technology Department provides clients with: 

  • implementation of extensions based on business concepts and functional specifications built by SI-Consulting modular consultants as a standard element of the system implementation design cycle, 
  • support for extension identification in the implementation cycle of the S/4 HANA system implementation in the field of a gap analysis with an implementation approach using the SAP Activate methodology,
  • architectural support for the implementation of SAP systems in the selection of technological and integration solutions,
  • technical analysis, technological consultations and implementation of extensions based on concepts provided by the client,
  • support in the implementation of smaller projects or tasks, thus satisfying the internal demand for programming work due to the identification of unplanned extensions in projects and the temporary unavailability of the client's internal programmers,
  • implementation of programming adjustments as part of upgrades to BD HANA or/and conversion of the SAP system to S/4 HANA
  • efficient valuation of the labour intensity of the offered works and short deadlines for the implementation of tasks,
  • providing solutions free of technical errors, thanks to cycles of intensive internal tests,
  • on-site help with modular and integration tests of implemented solutions,
  • full support for launching productive solutions, support in the selection of optimal technology and selection of the right solution when designing mobile or front-end applications integrated with SAP systems, technology training/workshops in ABAP programming, SAP NetWeaver technology, SAP Business Warehouse.

Programming services

The scope of the service provided by the SAP SI-Consulting Technology Department includes the following issues: 

  • development of extensive dialogue programs as business applications (overlays) integrated with standard system functionalities,
  • extending and improving existing Client transactions,
  • creating reports using new technologies (ALV, Fiori Embedded Analytics),
  • creating printout forms in the SmartForms technology and Adobe Forms,
  • migrations of technologies used (e.g. to ALV, Adobe Forms, Fiori),
  • modelling and implementation of business processes based on the SAP Business Workflow / WebFlow tool,
  • development of solutions based on the DMS document management system and SAP Content Server,
  • data migration from other systems and files (LSMW, ABAP, Migration Cockpit),
  • design and implementation of solutions in web technologies integrated and complementary with SAP NetWeaver, S/4 HANA, SAP Cloud Platform,
  • integration of SAP systems with external systems (both using SAP PI / PO platforms, SAP Data Hub, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, as well as interfaces based on popular technologies, including ALE / IDOC, BAPI, RFC, XML, WebService, SAP Gateway, SAP Java Connector),
  • identification of extensions and modifications as well as an adaptation of system objects to the new version in the process of patching and upgrade as well as system conversion to S / 4 HANA or / and migration to BD HANA, including conversion to Unicode,
  • optimization of program code that loads system resources, development of the SAP CRM system using product-specific technologies: extensions based on the CRM-specific extension technologies: AET, EEWB, BAdI, Client Events in the area of BOL / GENIL and WebClient / WebUI architecture in the MVC, BSP model and integration, such as RFC, BAPI, IDOC, BUT, BDOC,
  • integration of the S/4 HANA system with CX cloud systems, including SAP Sales and Service (C4C), SAP Commerce, SAP Marketing,
  • design and implementation of mobile/front-end applications integrated with SAP systems in various technologies, including SAP UI5, SAP Fiori, also based on technologies and services available on the SAP Cloud Platform,
  • programming in the SAP HANA environment, among others using SAP Core Data Services, Business Intelligence consulting and implementation services based on the SAP Business Warehouse data warehouse and related products, in particular modelling and monitoring of data loading processes, reporting based on SAP Business Explorer and SAP Business Objects,
  • programming support projects for the implementation of data warehouses (SAP Business Warehouse) in the field of creating data extractors with SAP source systems.

What distinguishes us? 

Developing professional software for an area that requires continuous investment in resources in the field of programming teams. SI-Consulting includes advanced class products, equipment and technologies, and above all the efficient use of time.

Services provided by the SAP Technology Department deliver Clients with solutions that turn out to be incomparably cheaper than independent implementation and application development. In addition, the Client gets a guarantee that they will receive a high-quality product, and the launched project will be completed on time.

The SI-Consulting team has three principles: 
  • efficiency – thanks to the work model used, we guarantee the speed of service delivery while reducing the costs associated with it.
  • flexibility – we are not afraid of undertaking even the most complicated and time-consuming programming and integration tasks, finding full fulfilment in solving them, focusing at the same time on a professional and responsible approach to meeting the client's needs.
  • independence – thanks to direct cooperation with a team of several dozen modular consultants from the SI-Consulting Consulting Department, specialists in various business fields, we have the opportunity to obtain quick and substantive support of implemented tasks.

Application development