SI2S4 - Your way to SAP® S/4HANA




There are two different approaches to S/4HANA migration. If you are still using SAP platform implemented more than 10 years ago, with plenty of custom-code developments, your business or your organization has changed significantly, we probably need to think together about new implementation ("Greenfield"). If you are more interested to make your first move quick and cost effective, jump on the new S/4HANA platform, and then start to innovate using it's unique capabilities - we are offering you conversion scenario ("Brownfield").


  • Need to execute significant business process changes
  • Want to simplify the business process
  • Need to remove non-standard customizations, ineffective custom code and developments
  • Existing ERP platform struggles to support the business
  • Users are „working around” the ERP solution rather than with it
  • Too much technical debt to clean-up – one step migration not possible
  • Taking advantage of all new functional options up front
  • Current ERP infrastructure supports business needs well enough
  • Phased roll-out of innovations over time in line with business requirements expected
  • Minimize change management
  • Focus on new innovations
  • Current investments protected: Business process set up, customizations, enhancements, custom extensions
  • Need to keep historical data


S/4HANA is not only a new SAP ERP platform. The combination of performance improvements, real time analytics and new functionalities gives customers opportunity to build the roadmap to transformation of their business and provides significant process innovation. Taking into account that the SAP mainstream maintenance for SAP ERP ECC will be provided only till 2027 - your organization needs to be ready for a significant change. To let you enter into the S/4HANA world quickly and easy - SI-Consulting is providing ready to use, packaged S/4HANA conversion scenarios, based on our own SI2S4 Methodology.

Regarding SI2S4 in October 2019 we have received Certificate of Qualification - SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution for Conversion to SAP S/4HANA.


  • Better insight for business users
  • Improved productivity
  • Simplified data model
  • Real-time analytics
  • Business process simplification
  • New. More effective processes for mass-data processing (month close, MRP live),
  • Almost 10000 innovations delivered in S/4HANA - still growing

We have created SI2S4 Methodology to be able to make your jump on S/4HANA platform possibly simple and effective. We defined own accelerators to simplify implementation process like methodology kit, dedicated tools for business partner migration, automated tests or predefined ready to use Fiori Apps. We will follow this steps together with your team.




RISE with SAP is a new SAP offer, that allows for a fast and cost-effective transformation of business processes, combined with the migration of IT solutions and infrastructure to the cloud.

S/4HANA Private Cloud available in the RISE model delivers:

  • Predefined best practices for general, common business processes, as well as for specialized industry processes,
  • Quick time to value,
  • Flexibility necessary to run a business in a rapidly changing environment.

Our methodology is dedicated for different S/4HANA deployment options:

  • SAP S/4HANA delivered as on-premise licensing model,
  • SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud (S/4HANA PCE) – delivered in RISE with SAP offering – cloud subscription model.


RISE with SAP is a combination of the SAP S/4HANA platform, successfully used by market leaders in all industries, available in the subscription model, with the necessary infrastructure and a package of technical and technological services.

The combination of the application and infrastructure offer in this way allows you to concentrate on what is most important - on the optimal design and use of business processes. As part of the RISE program, it is possible to convert your on-premise SAP ECC system directly to the cloud. Our SI2S4 methodology will also effectively support our customers in this case.